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Flaws Repaired in Attorneys for Children Bill

House Bill 700, as introduced, would have allowed judges to appoint lawyers for children—even children from healthy, intact families—in virtually any situation, excused those lawyers from malpractice, and forced the parents to pay the bill.

When Home School Legal Defense Association communicated our concerns to the sponsor of the bill, she defended it and did not indicate any willingness to make the needed changes. We sent an e-lert asking families to call the members of the Maryland House Judiciary Committee. In response, the committee proposed amendments that addressed all three of our concerns. The House of Representatives approved the amendments and passed the bill, which was then passed by the Senate and signed by Governor Ehrlich on May 16, 2006.

Thank you for standing with us for liberty. Your willingness to call members of the committee was crucial in this victory. Without the changes brought about by your calls, this bill could have been a powerful agent for disrupting families and driving a wedge between parents and their children.

Scott A. Woodruff