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No. 5

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In the College Season

To any homeschooling family, a new school year brings lots of changes, each with its own set of challenges. One child starts learning to read, while his older sister finishes her senior year of high school. During every season of homeschooling, the Home School Foundation seeks to serve families who need a helping hand.

One of the ways we help with the challenges is through our Patrick Henry College Scholarship Fund for Home School Legal Defense Association Members. Since the first student was helped in 2001, HSF has been dedicated to providing grants for highly qualified students to attend Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia. Not only is it a delight to help these students afford a prestigious college education, but it is a blessing to see the spiritual impact of God’s provision. Derek Archer, a 2005 scholarship recipient, recently told us, “I know that nothing is impossible with God . . . He will provide for my every need. Now that I have made it through my first year of college, I can honestly say it was one of the best years of my life!”

This past May, HSF awarded 16 scholarships to incoming freshmen on the basis of financial need, academic merit, and participation in community service. These students have in common many of the characteristics essential to success at PHC, but they come from a variety of backgrounds. The 2006 winners include a ballerina, a museum film director, a soccer coach, and a second lieutenant in the Civil Air Patrol. Several are National Merit Finalists. The highest SAT score is 1530 with a perfect math score. One girl has four siblings with special needs. A 2004 winner and public policy major, Bethany Barzee, voices her thanks to those who have donated to the PHC fund. “The Home School Foundation's scholarship has been such a blessing for my family. It has made the sometimes overwhelming experience of opening my tuition bill much less formidable by easing the financial burden of my college education. Thank you!”

From the Director

Chuck Hurst

If you would like to help homeschooled students' dreams of attending PHC come true, please consider a donation to this fund. Most scholarship recipients work for PHC, HSLDA, or HSF to continue earning financial aid from the college. With grace and skill, these students are doing the sometimes mundane, thankless tasks that allow these organizations to run smoothly. The life skills and lessons they learn here will help keep their hearts humble and usable regardless of the height of any position they achieve later in life.

Thanks for investing in their future and the future of our next generation of leaders.

—Chuck Hurst, Executive Director

For more details on how you can help, please call HSF at 540-338-8899, visit, or email