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Burden Lifted from Principal’s Shoulders

When Home School Legal Defense Association member Mary Barner* began homeschooling, she filed the required information with the Pawtucket School Committee, and gave the principal of the elementary school her child had previously attended written notice of withdrawal (which is not required by law).

Later in the year, the principal surprised Mrs. Barner by requesting quarterly attendance logs and a report card. Under Rhode Island law, the school committee, not a principal, has administrative responsibility in this connection. Mrs. Barner called HSLDA for assistance.

We immediately called the principal and explained that principals have no duties regarding homeschoolers’ attendance logs or report cards. He was delighted to learn this. He agreed that the Barners did not need to send him anything and promised to call HSLDA if anyone suggested he had such a responsibility.

— by Scott A. Woodruff

*Name changed to protect family's privacy.

See “A plethora of forms.”