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New Residents Face Difficulty

When a family from Mississippi moved to the Mountain View School District, the local superintendent insisted that they provide him with all homeschool documentation from Mississippi before he would accept their notice of intent to commence home instruction in Arkansas.

After the family contacted Home School Legal Defense Association for assistance, Senior Counsel Dewitt Black wrote the superintendent and told him that Arkansas law did not require that they provide him with any information about their homeschooling experience in Mississippi. Black explained that state law requires parents establishing residency within a school district during the school year to file a notice of intent within 30 days of moving into the district. Since the family had filed the required documentation with the local superintendent, they had met all legal requirements for commencing a homeschool in Arkansas.

With HSLDA's assistance, this member family was able to avoid the unlawful demand of the school district. Families moving from one state to another should contact HSLDA for information about the homeschooling laws of their new state of residence in advance of their move. This will enable our member families to know what the law requires of them as well as what it does not require.

— by Dewitt T. Black