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By John Bullock
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An Open Letter to Homeschooling Fathers

Do you want to take an active role in shaping the legacy you will pass on to your children? Then you may get as excited as I am about a program called Letters from Dad (LFD). Let me give you a little background, and explain what this program has done for me and my family.

LFD began in 2000 when founder Greg Vaughn was sorting through his late father’s possessions. As he bitterly pondered the fact that he had no tangible expression of his dad’s affection, God convicted him with the question, “What would your kids find that expressed your love if you died?” Greg was so struck by this thought that he contacted some of his closest friends, and they began to meet to brainstorm ways they could pass on their love to their children. From these meetings, Letters from Dad was born.

If you’re like me, it’s easy to forget to make time to interact with each of your children individually. I have nine children, and find that I tend to be much more comfortable treating them as a group. But children don’t merely need family identity—they need personal attention and love. As a result of LFD, I have already designed a poster for each one of my children featuring the meaning of his or her name, a life verse I have identified for them, and my vision for their future. I am just starting, but I look forward to where this is taking us as a family.

John Bullock, HSLDA’s network manager, and his wife Margaret (center), homeschool their nine children in Winchester, Virginia.

Although individual fathers could go through the Letters from Dad materials on their own, they are primarily designed for group participation and input. You could set up a group with men in your church, fellow homeschooling fathers, or coworkers. LFD’s promotional materials (including videos) are very effective in reaching men’s hearts—over 90% of the men who attended an introductory dinner at my church have signed up for the program.

Our deepest emotions—the ones most difficult to express—are the feelings that our loved ones so long to hear. In fact, they need to know and be more confident in our love than any knowledge we might hope to impart to them through homeschooling. As God has shown us by His grace and mercy in infinite ways, no more powerful force in the universe exists than the communication of a father’s love. Through the ministry of LFD, you will discover practical ways to communicate your love to your children through speech and writing.

Maybe you are like a friend of mine who didn’t have a father’s love in his life and has had difficulty receiving and communicating love to his children—he could think of nothing to write them beyond “I love you.” I believe that by being a part of Letters from Dad, we all are learning to identify and accept aspects of our Heavenly Father’s love so that we can in turn express our hearts to our wives and children through tangible, life-changing words. As God’s Word transforms us, so too can godly words of love from us as earthly fathers radically alter the lives of our families and succeeding generations.

I encourage you to visit to read more about this program (including powerful testimonies) and to find an LFD group in your area. Let’s not shrink back from the important task of providing a lasting legacy of faith, hope, and love for our children.