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Albemarle County Apologizes for Letter

In January 2006, the Guidance and Career and Technical Education Coordinator for Albemarle County Public Schools sent a letter to homeschool parents, telling them that they were required to submit evidence of high school graduation for students in grade 12 by August 1, 2006. The letter also asked families to complete a form notifying the school district whether or not they wanted to use the public school for end-of-the-year standardized testing.

An alert Home School Legal Defense Association member family sent us a copy of this letter. We called the coordinator and explained that the law did not give the district the authority to make either of these demands.

The coordinator apologetically admitted her mistake and emphasized that she wanted a good relationship with homeschoolers. She agreed to edit the letter for future use to make it clear that families are only requested to tell the school of their child's graduation if the child is under 18. The letter will also explain that parents do not need to return a testing form unless they want their child to be tested in the public school.

— by Scott A. Woodruff