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Educating the Educators

New superintendents are often unfamiliar with the workings of Ohio's homeschool law. This can cause problems if these new officials try to insist on regulations that go beyond the actual law. Sometimes, however, they display an honest interest in homeschooling.

Arthur Reiber, the new superintendent of Hillsboro City Schools, recently sent a letter to homeschoolers in the district asking why they chose to pull their children out of public school.* He included a short form with a number of questions and a blank for comments.

This type of form can be both a danger and an opportunity. Homeschoolers are not required to provide the information requested on the questionnaire, and should be aware that this might be the first phase in a marketing campaign designed by the school district to persuade homeschool families to place their children in public school. However, families may want to take advantage of the opportunity to portray homeschooling's benefits and to communicate how the school district can build a strong relationship with homeschoolers.

A number of homeschool families have written to Superintendent Reiber to explain why they are home educating. We trust this will satisfy his curiosity!

—by Scott W. Somerville

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