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District Continues to Make Faulty Demands

School districts' demands that homeschoolers turn in extensive documentation were a widespread problem in Minnesota just three years ago.* While Minnesota law does require homeschool families to keep certain records, it does not require submission of those records to the school district. (Parents may choose to provide these documents in order to avoid a "home visit" by a superintendent, but the threat of such visits is rare.) Today, due to Home School Legal Defense Association's steadfast opposition to unlawful requests, almost no Minnesota districts demand homeschoolers' records.

Mounds View is the exception to the rule. Year after year, this district sends a memo that "insists" that parents provide written documentation of their curriculum. The memo states, "If you should decline completing and returning the enclosed curriculum documentation form . . . Mounds View School District will record this as a refusal statement."

Although "a refusal statement" sounds threatening, Mounds View's memo fails to note that homeschool families have been sending in such "refusal statements" for years without any negative consequences. Informed and courageous families in Mounds View are enjoying their liberty despite the district's tough talk. HSLDA will continue to assist our Mounds View members until each one can enjoy the same peace and freedom.

— by Scott W. Somerville

* See "A plethora of forms"