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Rocky Transition

As the Windham* family prepared to move from Ohio to Maine, they notified their former school district that they were relocating. This should have been their final contact with that district.

At the end of the year, however, the former school district asked the Windhams to submit year-end assessments. The family reminded the district official that they were no longer residents of Ohio.

The following February, the principal of the Ohio school district mailed a letter to the family, threatening to file a missing child report with the police department in 10 days if the family did not send a homeschool notification form to their former home state or explain why they had not done so. Stunned, Mrs. Windham immediately called Home School Legal Defense Association for help.

We called the principal and told him that since the family was no longer in Ohio, he had no jurisdiction over the family. The principal conceded that we were correct. He offered no apology, but promised that he would leave the family alone in the future.

— by Scott A. Woodruff

* Name changed to protect family's privacy.