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Public School Official Reveals Truth about Virtual Charter Schools

Ronald Reagan once said that the nine most terrifying words in the English language are I'm from the government, and I'm here to help.

Homeschoolers should be similarly wary when public schools offer to help them. In a moment of candor, a Kansas public school superintendent recently acknowledged his motivation for working in a cooperative, friendly manner with homeschool students. "Our district has always worked with home school families," said Superintendent Randy Weseman in a February 22, 2006, online interview with the Lawrence Journal-World. “We allow home schooled students to co-enroll at all levels. Most districts do not. Our virtual school is mostly home schooled students. My philosophy is to work with families and help them become comfortable with public schooling.”*

The push to lure homeschool families into the public schools is a nationwide phenomenon. This year, we have seen legislation promoting public schools-in-the-home in many states. Home School Legal Defense Association opposes all such efforts. When parents enroll their child in a virtual charter school, they sign away much of their parental right to direct their child's education.

The truth is, more comfort with public schooling means less independence and liberty-and protecting the freedom to homeschool requires that we reject even the friendliest offers to enroll our children in public school classes.

by Scott A. Woodruff

* Read the rest of the interview at www2.ljworld.com