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Bill Would Raise Compulsory Attendance Age

If enacted, House Bill 345 would raise the compulsory attendance age in Alaska from 16 to 17. Introduced by Representative Bruce Weyhrauch (District 4), this bill is presently in the House Education Committee. Homeschoolers in Alaska are exempt from attending public schools, but parents are required to conduct home instruction until the child reaches age 16. If this bill passes, parents will be required to conduct home instruction for an additional year in order to remain exempt from public school attendance. Home School Legal Defense Association opposes any effort to expand the state's control over education in any form.

In response to legislative e-lerts sent out by HSLDA, Alaska homeschoolers have expressed their opposition to this bill to members of the committee. At press time, indications are that this grassroots lobbying has been effective, as the committee has taken no further action on the bill.

— by Dewitt T. Black