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Summer Camp in the Rockies

This year’s GenJ summer camp is shaking things up. The 3rd Annual Generation Joshua Family/Teen Camp will be held at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado. At 8,000 feet, the YMCA is situated on the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park.

For the first time, camp is open to parents of GenJers. Ned Ryun, Director of Generation Joshua, says, “I really wanted to make this year’s camp a family experience—not only because of the setting and all the activities you can do as a family (horseback rides, hikes, horseshoes, campfires), but I also wanted parents to see firsthand what GenJ’s vision is all about.”

This year’s speakers include Congressman Jim Ryun (KS), David Barton of WallBuilders, and Bill Jack of Worldview Academy. Other invited guests include Senator Tom Coburn (OK) and Senator Sam Brownback (KS).

Great speakers, a fast-paced camp presidential election, and incredible scenery will make this GenJ summer camp unforgettable.

“I want GenJers to know more about America’s Judeo-Christian heritage, a Christian worldview, and what it’s like to be a Christian in the real world of elected politics,” Ned Ryun says. “Those are the themes that the speakers will be discussing.”

Campers will also participate in the ever-popular camp presidential election. Each camper will be assigned to a caucus and party. Members of each party will then decide on their party platform and what the party stands for. While campers are encouraged to include some “serious” planks in their platforms, the parties have been known to advocate “year-round squirrel hunting season” and “lightsabers for everyone!”

Also included in the mock election are campaign commercials, press conferences, voter registration, fundraising, and a primary. “In some ways I try to recreate the semi-chaos of a campaign and then compress it into a week’s time,” says Ryun. “It is always a great deal of fun and you’re never quite sure what will happen at the next camp's election.”

Camp is scheduled for August 13-19, 2006, so parents and teens have plenty of time to consider attending this Rocky Mountain retreat. For more information about GenJ Camp, go to