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Inventing new requirements

A Home School Legal Defense Association member family in Columbus was surprised to find new language in their annual public school exemption letter. Instead of the simple language stating that their children were exempt from school attendance, the letter contained a paragraph telling the family, "If your child will be requested to perform any errands during the 'school day' [sic], a copy of this letter must accompany your child."

This requirement cannot be found in any Ohio statute or regulation, and the letter from Columbus Public Schools did not cite any law. It appears that an overzealous administrator simply decided that this requirement would be a good idea and unilaterally tried to enforce it. After the family contacted HSLDA, we promptly sent a letter to the public school questioning the legality of this requirement.

HSLDA has so far received no response. Thanks to the vigilance of this member family, it appears that the school's phony mandate will go no further.

—by Scott W. Somerville