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Principal retracts truancy threat

Dissatisfied with the public school's efforts to address their daughter's reading needs, a Keene-area Home School Legal Defense Association member family informed the public school they were going to homeschool and filed the required notice.*

A few days later, the school principal wrote to the family, stating that their homeschool program had to be "approved and registered," that all handicapped children must be provided with a "free and appropriate education," and that these parents could not homeschool their daughter unless they followed certain procedures and met certain requirements. The principal threatened to report the family to a truant officer if they did not comply.

When the family asked HSLDA for help, Staff Attorney Scott Woodruff immediately called the principal, left him a voice mail message, and faxed him a letter explaining that families can homeschool children who have been identified as having special needs under the same rules as other families.

Woodruff further explained that homeschool families are not required to be "approved and registered." He pointed out that the principal's threat to report the daughter as truant had caused the family needless anxiety, and he challenged the principal to either withdraw his threat or submit evidence that the family had failed to satisfy any lawful requirement.

The principal promptly investigated. Realizing HSLDA was correct, he acknowledged his errors, assured the family he would make no truancy report, and apologized for any anxiety his threat had caused.

— by Scott A. Woodruff

* See "A plethora of forms"