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Mike Murray

Mike Murray first went to work as a photographer at a local yearbook and portrait studio. After a stint as still photographer and assistant cameraman on an independent feature film in California, he returned to New York to work in a Manhattan fashion studio. He also wrote and produced several videos. Now, Mike does yearbook sports candids and enjoys shooting landscapes.

Rebecca Ryun

For the last 10 years, Rebecca Ryun has been capturing life through a lens. In 1998, she started her own photography business, specializing in children and family portraits in black and white. Her photographs have been on display in the National Geographic Museum in Washington, D.C., and have been featured in Loudoun Magazine and other local publications. In addition to wedding photography and portraits, Rebecca speaks at the Loudoun Academy of the Arts and teaches young aspiring photographers. She and her husband, Ned, welcomed their firstborn son into their lives in February 2006.

Josh Beall

Joshua Beall works as a web developer at HSLDA, and has pursued photography since his discovery of that amazing gadget, the camera! He has freelanced at various events, but his true love is landscapes and macro photography. "It's amazing how the very ordinary can become the very extraordinary when you're close enough," says Josh. He and his wife, Kerin, live in Ranson, West Virginia, and are anticipating the birth of their first child.

Art Cox

Art Cox's photography has spanned over 20 years and two continents, and his work has appeared in national magazines. Art is the principal photographer for Patrick Henry College. He lives in Winchester, Virginia, with his wife and five children.

Aaron Beall
Graphic designer Aaron Beall got his start in the field through his interest in fine arts. Working with photography on a daily basis, he enjoys the process of analyzing and evaluating images. He lives in Brunswick, Maryland.