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Homeschooling in America

Click here to see the 2005 photo contest winners.

The theme of HSLDA's first annual photo contest, "Homeschooling in America," challenged entrants to offer creative glimpses into the world of home education. We were pleased to see the imaginative approach taken by many young shutterbugs to this broad topic!

This year we had 58 entries in Category 1 (ages 7-12) and 76 in Category 2 (13-18). The pictures showed children learning in all settings: at home, gathered around a grandfather telling stories, on a field trip in the mountains, at the beach, and even on a lake studying life underwater.

Judges were looking for shots that demonstrated technical skill while clearly showcasing the unique opportunities homeschooling affords young men and women. This year's first place winner in Category II, Homeschool Study in Aerodynamics, is a terrific example.

In a single image, Aerodynamics captures the tradition, hope, and dynamic nature of homeschooling: two boys pursue the dream of flight, using winged contraptions that echo inventions of da Vinci or the Wright brothers.

Though the picture strikes an old-fashioned note, it is active and hopeful, like those early inventors were. The main subject appears to be rising out of the frame. What we see is not merely a triumph of special effects (note the boost-providing trampoline)-this boy's feet have indeed left the ground.

Creative expression abounded in the 2005 photography contest, and the judges can't wait to see this year's entries. Get started now on your entry for the 2006 HSLDA Photo Contest!