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Marlin Maddoux: Friend to homeschoolers

Marlin Maddoux was one of the earliest and most effective public voices for the rights of homeschoolers," says Michael Farris, Chairman and General Counsel of Home School Legal Defense Association. "Moreover he believed strongly in the spiritual and academic benefits of home education." Maddoux, who passed away in March 2004 after intensive heart surgery, was one of Christian talk radio's most revered personalities. In 1972, he founded Point of View, a conservative radio show that he hosted until his death and that continues today.

Willing to dive into controversial issues, from religion to education, Maddoux "educated and motivated Christians to make a difference in this country," says Christopher Klicka, HSLDA Senior Counsel. Maddoux also founded the USA Radio Network and the National Center for Freedom and Renewal, and was cofounder of the Alliance Defense Fund. He authored several books and was a guest on national television and radio shows.

Homeschooling was one of the controversial topics that Maddoux publicized. "Homeschoolers could always count on Marlin coming down on the right side of an issue," says Klicka, who first met Maddoux on the air in the early '90s and was broadcast on Point of View about a dozen times.

In 1994, Maddoux helped homeschoolers secure an amendment to House Resolution 6, an education bill containing language that would have forced homeschooling parents to be certified in every subject they taught. Thanks in part to Point of View's coverage of Mike Farris explaining the dangers of H.R. 6, Capitol Hill phone lines were abuzz with calls from homeschoolers urging their congressmen to protect their freedom. "Marlin sounded the trumpet first," says Farris. "This record-shattering grassroots lobbying effort resulted, in significant part, because of his quick and effective assistance."

One of the earliest and most effective public voices for homeschooling: Marlin Maddoux (1933-2004.)

Public education was another divisive subject that Maddoux addressed. His last book, Public Education Against America: The Hidden Agenda, which he finished shortly before his death, was released in March 2006. Drawing on many of his radio interviews with parents, professors, students, and others, Maddoux exposes the secular humanist foundation of public education and the agenda of some "educrats," textbook authors, and teachers, who are using public education to produce a humanistic generation devoid of moral absolutes.

As was his habit on the air, Maddoux's ultimate message in Public Education Against America is one of hope. He writes, "The Founding Fathers of this nation warned us that it was only through the restraining power of the Christian religion that we could hope to maintain our freedoms." Recognizing that the Judeo-Christian worldview is the only framework capable of supporting a truly free society, Maddoux calls on readers to stand up for America's freedom by first adopting a solid Christian worldview. As Klicka remarks, "Marlin was always very positive in his delivery . . . he wanted the message that was received by his audience to be 'We can do something!' "

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