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HSLDA Art Contest

Artful Quotes

Click here to see the 2005 art contest winners.

For the third year in a row, HSLDA’s art contest has demonstrated that homeschooling success is evident not only in academics, but in the arts as well. Homeschooled artists from all over the country competed in this year’s contest, themed “Artful Quotes.” Entrants were challenged to select a quote from a famous, or not-so-famous, author and then create a piece of artwork with that quote as the theme. The words of the quote and the author’s name were to be incorporated into the artwork—probably the most challenging aspect of this year’s contest.

There were 229 participants in this year’s contest: 90 in Category 1 (ages 7–10), 80 in Category 2 (ages 11–14), and 59 in Category 3 (ages 15–18). As the winning entries on these pages show, homeschoolers are consistently producing excellent work!