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Persuaded to Homeschool

Recently we received a call from a Home School Legal Defense Association member who said that her sister-in-law, Jennifer O’Donnell, associate director of the Oneonta Boys and Girls Club in upstate New York, was encouraging her to continue homeschooling. Jennifer’s reason? She had witnessed the benefits of home education.

We caught up with Jennifer at the Boys and Girls Club. It runs many after-school programs, which include sports, archery, art, and woodshop. Over 1,000 children ages 7–16 attend the club. Around 100 of them are homeschooled.

“It’s easy to see who the homeschooled children are; they’re the ones who have better manners and are able to more easily interact with adults,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer went on to say that homeschooled children were less aggressive and more polite. Homeschoolers have made such an impression that even though Jennifer doesn’t have children yet, she plans to homeschool.

Stories like these are occurring all over the country, and homeschooled parents should be encouraged that people are noticing the fruit of their labor. The better job we do of raising mature citizens, the more the general public will recognize the effectiveness of and embrace the concept of homeschooling—all the way through high school.

To find out more about the results of home education, HSLDA commissioned the study Homeschooling Grows Up in 2003. You can read more about homeschool graduates here.