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November / December 2005

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After the storm

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans on August 29, it impacted every area of our country-even tiny Purcellville, Virginia, where Home School Legal Defense Association's offices are located. As reports of the devastation came in, HSLDA began receiving calls from members asking how they could help fellow homeschoolers in Louisiana and Mississippi. In response, Operation Extended Family was born.

The Friday before Labor Day, the Home School Foundation sent an e-lert to all HSLDA. Several days later, as the total number of emails offering help passed 4,200, we began to hear from people who needed help. Families described a wide spectrum of losses-from just-arrived curriculum to homes and income.

Patty Taylor, HSF Compassion Fund Administrator, was overwhelmed by the generosity of HSLDA members. "It's an incredible thing to be able to help people in the midst of their crises," she said. "Seeing God's timing strengthens your faith."

Thanks to the concern of so many HSLDA members, we have been able to help families like the Wrens, who evacuated from their two-story home before the hurricane. The next day, their house was nothing but a blank concrete slab. Another family, the Morgans, received a check from us to replace their curriculum. They wrote, "It has truly been a faith walk-our journey these last few weeks, but each day is brighter because of caring people like you!" Many parents say the new schoolbooks are allowing their children to enjoy some sense of home in the midst of chaos.

Although the storm has calmed, affected families have a long way to go to reassemble the pieces of their lives. Thanks to you, the Home School Foundation is helping them to create a sense of normalcy as they rebuild.

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