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July / August 2005

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Email reminders

If you are paying for your HSLDA membership with a credit card, you might receive a surprise email from us regarding your member account.

We are now emailing families whose records show that their credit card is about to expire. We'll be asking you to provide us with updated card information (most often, all we need is a new expiration date). The email will remind you to call our office or visit our secure website to update your information. (Reminder: Never send personal, confidential information via email.)

Receiving this information from you in a timely fashion will help us keep our records current, and save you from being charged for multiple payments that were missed while your card was inactive.

So please don't be surprised when we ask. Like you, we want your homeschool and your membership with us to run smoothly. . . without any unpleasant surprises.

The next stage

Are you homeschooling your last student? Will he soon be on his merry way to college or other new endeavors? If so, this coming spring you'll likely be packing away your homeschool texts and heaving a big sigh of relief!

For some, that sigh will be a bit wistful—reflecting on their investment of time, energy, and care, the trials and the triumphs. Your world has been deeply impacted by homeschooling and you've made an impact in return. Together with hundreds of thousands of moms and dads, you've been part of a grassroots movement that has changed the educational and social fabric of America.

Understandably, you're ready to move on to the next stage of life.

But if you find yourself wishing for a way to stay connected with the greater cause of homeschooling, the Home School Foundation's Friends of Homeschooling Fund may fit the level of involvement you're looking to maintain. It's designed for "retired" homeschool parents who have graduated their last student but are interested in continuing to support the homeschool movement.

If you would like more information on this fund, please visit HSF's website at www.homeschoolfoundation.org/funds/friends.asp or call 540-338-8899.

Highlight your talent

Home School Legal Defense Association is working to recognize excellence in the homeschool community. We love to spotlight the gifts and talents that are bearing fruit in the fertile soil of home education. Please be sure to take advantage of these opportunities, if the contests are in an area where your student is showing interest.

Currently, HSLDA is organizing competitions in art, photography, poetry, and essaywriting. Top winners are awarded prizes for their submissions. Entrants do not have to be HSLDAmembers.

Proceeds from all of the contests go to the Home School Foundation's Special Needs Children's Fund.

For rules, further information, or to register, visit www.hslda.org/contests.