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July / August 2005

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Encouraging words

As a part of its mission to bless the homeschooling community, the Home School Foundation is reaching out to those beyond the United States' borders. Through a grant from HSF supporters, Dr. Brian Ray and his wife Betsy traveled to Europe and divided 24 days between Poland, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Latvia. Their purpose: to meet and encourage families involved in Europe's fledging homeschool movement.

These homeschoolers are challenged by heavy government regulation and opposition. An even greater hurdle, however, is their culture. They face hostility, ignorance, and misunderstanding from friends and family—a situation much like American homeschoolers faced in the early 1980s. "But in America, we are used to thinking in terms of liberty and rights and being revolutionary," says Ray. In contrast, most of Eastern Europe has only recently emerged from decades of state control.

The homeschooling community in these nations, though often composed of only a few dozen families, is persevering despite these difficulties. "It is striking and inspiring to see people with the spirit of courage and truth working for this option, especially against a background of heavy government regulation," says Dr. Ray.

"Betsy and I were able to offer hope to them by telling stories about the beginning of homeschooling in America." These families were also heartened by the positive findings of research on homeschooling and by Betsy's experience as a homeschooling mom.

Dr. Ray offers the following practical advice for how U.S. homeschoolers can best assist their international counterparts:

 >>Take a moment to email, write, or call embassies when asked to by HSLDA. This support is both effective and encouraging to international homeschoolers.
 >>Send financial support if possible.
 >>Email the international homeschooling organizations and ask if there are homeschooling families who would like pen pals.
 >>Pray for them.

However you choose to touch the lives of homeschoolers in other countries, make it your number one priority to pray for them. Through your prayers, God can work miracles and pour out his grace on homeschooling families no matter what trials they encounter!

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For contribution or application information, or to request a brochure describing all of our funds, contact us at 540-338-8899, visit online at, or email

Federal employees may designate the Home School Foundation as their CFC recipient by using code 2099.

From the director

When you think about it, making a difference and being different go together. We tend to be more comfortable with making a difference, but that's often hard to do without being a little different.

Homeschooling parents are, by definition, a bit different than their peers. Being different provides venues for making a difference—a difference in the self-esteem of our kids, in what they believe about themselves, about their world, about God; a difference in our society, in our country, in how parents think about parenting.

The Home School Foundation is allowing more and more families to experience that difference. When families hear that they have the right to teach their kids at home, but they can't see how to make it work financially, they find the help they need from others who've dared to be different before them.

We invite you to continue making a difference with us!

Chuck Hurst, Executive Director

The foundation's mission is to preserve parental freedoms, promote homeschooling, provide assistance to needy homeschooling families, and support like-minded organizations.