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May / June 2005

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Standing firm

In a state like Vermont, it is vital for homeschoolers to work together to maintain their freedoms. So far this session, homeschoolers have done just that.

In 2005, the challenge has been on the compulsory attendance front, with the introduction of House Bill 180. This bill would raise the compulsory attendance age in Vermont from 16 to 18, burdening homeschoolers with two more years of unnecessary paperwork and public schools with the cost of offering two more years of education to a group of students that doesn't want it. HB 180 would be an all-around negative for the state.

At the time of this writing, the bill has halted where it started—in the House Education Committee. It does not appear to be moving. Your calls have once again helped the state stand firm for liberty!

—by Scott W. Somerville