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May / June 2005

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Montgomery yields to state law

In September 2004, a Home School Legal Defense Association member family decided to exempt their 5-year-old son from kindergarten. However, the Montgomery County Public Schools' director of student services demanded that the family first go to the local elementary school, fill out an exemption form, and have the school's administrator approve the exemption.*

Maryland law provides that a family may receive a one-year waiver of compulsory attendance if they notify the school system superintendent, who must then grant the exemption within five days. The law does not give the superintendent authority to force the family through a bureaucratic obstacle course.

HSLDA sent a letter to the director of student services, informing her that Montgomery was in violation of Maryland law because it had delayed the family's exemption for over a month. The director acknowledged the school system's legal duty and promptly granted the exemption.

—by Scott A. Woodruff

* See "A plethora of forms"