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May / June 2005

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From the sticky note file

Once in awhile, we accumulate a conglomeration of small notes for you that don't fit under a single topic. But they're still important for you to know . . .

  • Planning a summer vacation? Don't forget that HSLDA members can receive a discount from "Choice Hotels" through our PerX program. This is just one of dozens of discounts available to our members. For complete details, visit our website at www.hslda.org/perx.

  • What's the best way to pay for your membership? It's hard for us to say, but we certainly have a lot more options for you than we did a few years ago. You can make payments every month, or quarterly, or annually, or every other year, or even once for the life of your homeschool.

  • Please note, however: One option that is no longer available is paying for membership in increments of less than a year when paying by check. So please, do not send in a check for $50 and a note that you'll send the rest in a few months . . . our systems just can't handle it. But do take advantage of one of our other convenient payment options.

  • Did you previously choose to make payments (either monthly or quarterly) for membership on the auto-renew plan? If so, please note: If you are not participating in a discount group, the rates for standard membership have been raised from $9/month to $10/month or from $27/quarter to $30/quarter.

  • Because the original paperwork you filed with us authorized us to withdraw only at the lower rates, we need you to authorize us to withdraw the increased amount. You can give us this authority by renewing online, by calling or emailing our office, or by returning the form that will be mailed to you. Please be aware that the higher rates will not go into effect until the month in which your membership expires.

  • If you are participating in an HSLDA discount group, don't forget to include your group number when you renew your membership. You should be able to obtain this six-digit number from your group.

  • Lastly, if you are involved with a support group that doesn't offer a discount with HSLDA, consider encouraging your group to become a part of our Discount Group Program. The primary requirement is that the group have a minimum of 10 families who are HSLDA members. You can receive a complete group enrollment kit by calling us at 540-338-5600.