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May / June 2005

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From homeschool leaders

It is difficult to put into just a few words the impact Chris Klicka has had on homeschooling in Colorado and in my personal life. Chris is a longtime friend and mentor. He helped with the passage of the Colorado homeschooling statute in 1988 and wrote the very important amendment concerning records and the ability of a school superintendent to obtain them. He came to Colorado and testified for the major changes to the statute in 1994, of which all were adopted. No one understands the Colorado homeschooling law better than Chris.

— Treon Goossen,
Founder of Concerned
Parents of Colorado

Chris Klicka has been a strong voice for homeschooling freedoms in Colorado. He made some of his most important contributions to the homeschooling movement here as a peacemaker. I remember walking with him through the state capitol as we were trying to pass legislation in 1994. In every conversation, but especially with our adversaries, he was calm, gracious, and respectful, as well as persistent. I could see firsthand how this defused anger, calmed emotions, and moved our agenda forward in a manner that was honoring to Christ. Ever since our first law was passed in 1988, he has been faithful to work with our state to maintain and improve our homeschool statutes.

—Kevin & Sandy Lundberg,
Christian Home Educators
of Colorado

When I think of Chris, I think of the books and position papers that he's written. His writing has been a great education tool to help the people here in Illinois understand and be able to think through their positions and why they're doing what they're doing. He's had a tremendous impact in our state. His life has not been easy; to see his steadfastness in the face of his adversities has in and of itself been an encouragement. Everyone has felt as though they had a friend there.

—Roger Erber,
President of Illinois
Christian Home Educators

Chris Klicka is a man whose foundation is the Solid Rock and a man to whom we will be eternally grateful.

—Roger & Jenny Strackbein,
Supporting Home Educators of
Lower Texas Educational Region

Chris is a good personal friend of ours. He helped us when we were having trouble with our superintendent back in 1989 . . . and after that point he helped us to get MassHOPE off the ground. Over the last 20 years, he's always been there, and we've been able to call upon him. We pray for Chris and Tracy often.

—Gary & Beverly Somogie,
Founders of Massachusetts
Homeschool Organization of
Parent Educators

In the 12 years I've known Chris, I've come to especially appreciate his availability and his willingness to be of assistance to the homeschooling community our organization serves, even during difficult times personally. Congratulations, Chris, on your 20th anniversary with HSLDA. May God continue to bless and keep you in the days ahead.

—Steve Lunsford,
Vice President of
North Texas Home
Educators' Network

For over 20 years the Southeast Texas Home School Association and, more importantly, the home educators of Texas have benefited from the encouragement, support, and counsel of Chris Klicka. Unselfishly and untiringly, he has influenced homeschool-friendly legislation, answered after-hours phone calls of homeschoolers having problems, and sent timely alerts when important legislative issues arise. And yet, Chris takes time to send a personal note to homeschool leaders. Chris and HSLDA have been there for Texans time and time again.

Chris, we thank you for giving of yourself for all of us in Texas, through your godly feedback, counsel, support, and friendship. And thanks to Tracy and the kids for sharing you with us!

—The Southeast Texas Home School
Association Board of Directors

Through the years, Chris has had an unwavering commitment to Virginia's homeschoolers. He has taken initiative in heading off problems that could have potentially limited homeschool freedoms. He has aggressively moved forward to promote the rights of homeschooling parents. In the midst of trials and difficulties, he has continued to glorify God through his service to others.

—Yvonne Bunn,
Executive Director of
Home Educators Association
of Virginia

Chris has helped us in so many ways. Words cannot describe his impact on the homeschool ministry here in Wisconsin . . . We began CHEA in 1990, and Chris was there with words of encouragement . . . I believe that the world of homeschooling is much better and safer with Chris's work, efforts, and guidance. Thank you, Chris, for all you have done for us in Wisconsin.

— Al & Jan Gnacinski,
Wisconsin Christian
Home Educators Association

Without Chris, we here in Germany would probably have given up a long time ago. With Chris, we feel we have someone who knows and understands our situation and problems, and who gives us vital encouragement as we go about our business of helping helpless families deal with government officials. We know how busy Chris is performing his own responsibilities at HSLDA. Then to add to them by serving the international community is beyond comprehension. Congratulations as we take our hats off to his accomplishments over the years, which are immense.

— Richard Guenther,
Schulunterrichtzu Hause
e.V., Germany