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Solutions to your graduation needs

Some of our departments have a higher profile than others. For instance, when you think of Home School Legal Defense Association, our legal and membership services probably come to mind. But what about our publications department? Behind the scenes of our more visible services, this department is meeting the needs of more and more homeschoolers.

Although we primarily sell items produced by HSLDA employees, such as books by Michael Farris and Christopher Klicka, we do offer other products that are sometimes difficult for homeschoolers to obtain. For instance, in the early '90s, professional-looking diplomas for homeschool graduates were hard to come by. HSLDA's publications department found a solution.

For the past decade, we have offered high-quality diploma covers and certificates to the homeschooling community. Over the last few years, we've added caps and gowns to our list of graduation products. Now, we're excited to announce attractive, inexpensive graduation announcements on which you can print your personalized text. You can view samples of these at

All of our graduation packages are offered at discounted rates to HSLDA members. Please be sure to place your order early and allow at least four weeks for delivery. If you're ordering for a large number of students, ask about our volume discounts and place your order about six weeks in advance.

Fellow members vouch for the value of these materials:

Thanks for the wonderful package deal you've put together for homeschoolers for graduation. I'm definitely impressed, but not surprised—it's just more of the best I've come to expect from HSLDA.

We know you'll find these products well priced and useful.