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January / February 2005

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What are Generation Joshua & HSLDA PAC?

Ned Ryun, GenJ Director
Founded by Home School Legal Defense Association in February 2004, Generation Joshua is a membership organization designed to equip young people with the historical knowledge and practical skills they need to become involved in the political process. GenJ offers an online civics curriculum and encourages its 2,000-plus members to become involved in voter registration, community service, and political campaigns.

"When HSLDA made the decision in early 2003 to become more politically involved, our goal was to develop a strong offense to supplement a strong defense," said HSLDA President J. Michael Smith.

"Many of HSLDA's battles over the past 21 years have been fought in the courtroom, often because laws did not protect the right to homeschool," Smith explained. "We know that homeschool-friendly elected officials serve as a first line of defense in the battle for homeschooling freedoms. The HSLDA Political Action Committee (HSLDA PAC) works to get and keep these homeschool-friendly lawmakers in office."

Smith pointed out that in the first week of 2005 alone, HSLDA learned of at least three states—Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota—where state-level legislators are targeting homeschoolers with increased regulations.*

By participating in the campaigns of homeschool-friendly lawmakers, Generation Joshua and its sister organization, the HSLDA PAC, show these young people that they can enact positive change in America even before they can vote. They can help register new voters, help voters update their addresses, or go door-to-door encouraging prospective voters to get out and vote. Generation Joshua emphasizes civics education and a sense of community. HSLDA PAC provides funding for the political activities of Generation Joshua members.

"Much like a tiny mustard seed," said Generation Joshua Director Ned Ryun, "this could very well be the first chapter in a long, exciting, and successful story about a comparatively small band of youth called Generation Joshua that impacted America for Christ and for His glory."

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