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November / December 2004

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Teamwork saves Czech homeschooling

In early June 2004, Home School Legal Defense Association received an appeal for help from Michal Semin, President of the National Czech Home School Association. A bill making its way through the Czech Parliament threatened to restrict homeschooling to situations where families could prove a serious—particularly a health-related—need. Such a measure would have virtually eliminated homeschooling in the Czech Republic.

HSLDA Senior Counsel Christopher Klicka immediately contacted dozens of homeschool leaders around the world, asking them to write to Parliament on behalf of homeschooling. Within hours, a dozen letters had been collected and emailed to 17 key members of the Czech Parliament. Through the assistance of Tom Washburne, Legal Counsel to United States Congressman John Hostettler, a letter of support for homeschooling signed by several congressmen was also sent.

The next day, Parliament postponed the bill until the following Tuesday, and later delayed the vote further to Thursday. Thankfully, these delays afforded Semin more time to distribute the letters of support and talk personally with members of Parliament.

That Thursday, the combined support of homeschool leaders, the U.S. Congress, and HSLDA paid off when the bill was passed with one very important amendment—the removal of the "serious health reasons" restriction. Semin believes that the letters and emails sent on behalf of homeschooling had much to do with this favorable outcome. In addition, he feels the victory has cleared a path for future legislation to allow homeschooling in all grades (presently, the Czech Republic only permits homeschooling through 5th grade).

PRAGUE: Czech parents rejoice as their tentative hold on homeschooling freedom is strengthened.

When the resources of the U.S. homeschool movement intersect with the diligence and faithfulness of leaders like Michal Semin, the cause of homeschooling advances around the world. Hopefully, one day this teamwork will result in Czech homeschoolers experiencing the broad freedoms that U.S. homeschoolers now take for granted.