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November / December 2004

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Our members come from a variety of situations and backgrounds, each with unique needs and areas of interest. Addressing individual concerns has always been a priority for

Home School Legal Defense Association. We want to bring to your attention some of the services we offer and answer some common questions members ask.

The PerX of membership
Membership does have its perks, and we want to make sure you're taking full advantage of them. On our website's PerX page, you can find all sorts of discounts for vendors around the nation—some for services that you already use. More than 4,500 of your fellow members have requested information on these discounts. You'll see why when you go to

In for life
Some of our families are "in for life." What does that mean? It's simple. It means that they expect to be homeschooling for at least 10 more years and feel that a $1000 lifetime membership with HSLDA is a good investment. No more annual renewals for them! Check out this alternative by going to and clicking on "Special Offer."

Credit where credit is due
More and more families are making their monthly membership payments with a credit card. We're happy to offer this option, but problems can result if your card expires or you cancel the card during your membership term. Please let us know immediately of any changes to your credit card so there is no break in our service to you.

A sporting chance
Can homeschoolers participate in public school sports? The answer depends on which state you live in. Will HSLDA assist you if your local school resists your child's participation? That depends, too. If you live in one of the seven states that has a statute authorizing participation by homeschoolers, we will contact the school on your behalf and urge them to comply with the law. If your state has no such statute, we will advise you on the applicable law.

Can you take mine, too?
Many homeschoolers are obviously successful and predictably compassionate. Understandably, friends and relatives take notice. Some may even ask you to include their kids in your "school system." When this happens, our members often ask, "Will HSLDA extend services to this extra student?" The short answer is, "Generally, no."

Much of your right to homeschool hinges on your parent-child relationship. Of course, you don't have this same relationship with a neighbor's or relative's child, so HSLDA's ability to help you in such a situation is limited. Therefore, before you let your compassion get the better of you, call us and ask to speak with your state's legal assistant.