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The Patrick Henry Herald is a weekly campus paper created entirely by Patrick Henry College students. All Journalism students participate in the production of the paper.

College adds Journalism

This summer, Patrick Henry College Dean of Academic Affairs Paul Bonicelli announced that Journalism will be added as a new major to the academic program. Previously, Journalism was offered as a track within the Government major. Because of the importance of journalism as a course of study in its own right, the major is now being instituted as a stand-alone program.

The new major's purpose is to prepare students to be outstanding journalists. Objectives include:

>>Apply a biblical worldview to the study and practice of journalism.
>>Understand how news media interact with and shape contemporary culture and politics.
>>Demonstrate professional competency in the core practical journalistic tasks by finding, reporting, and writing publishable news stories for local, regional, and national markets.
>>Develop a biblical view of the role of a Christian journalist in society and know how to apply these principles in working for Christian and non-Christian publications.
>>Understand the historical foundations of journalism and how they shape contemporary journalistic practice.
>>Understand and apply basic principles of print news media layout and design.
>>Understand the major principles of media law that apply to print journalism.
>>Develop and apply a biblical standard of journalistic ethics and a strong commitment to journalistic integrity.
>>MessageDevelop the skill, maturity, prudence, and professionalism to assimilate smoothly into a wide variety of news media organizations.

The program requirements will remain the same as when Journalism was a Government track, with a heavy emphasis on the study of government. Journalism majors study News Writing, Basic Reporting, and Communication Theory and have the opportunity to study Newspaper Design, Media Law, and Journalism History.

Seniors and juniors earn apprenticeship (directed research and writing) credits either by completing internships at local- or D.C.-based news media or by designing and producing freelance print media projects to be submitted for publication at newspapers and magazines. All Journalism students, including freshmen and sophomores, participate in the production of the Patrick Henry Herald, PHC's weekly student newspaper.

Specific skills students learn include finding story ideas and developing "beats," basic reporting and interviewing techniques, writing "hard" and "feature" news stories and editorials with good structure, color, and style, and finding markets for their work. Students also develop a strong sense of professionalism, a respect for the institution of journalism and its role in the maintenance of a free society, and the ability to understand and evaluate trends and practices in contemporary journalism.

The major is directed by Dr. Les Sillars, who recently completed his doctorate in Journalism at the University of Texas-Austin, where he also served as a graduate assistant to Dr. Marvin Olasky, editor of WORLD magazine. Dr. Sillars has 10 years of experience in journalism, and his byline has appeared in many U.S. and Canadian dailies and weeklies. He edits the Mailbag section of WORLD, regularly teaches at the WORLD Journalism Institute, and continues as a freelance writer. The Journalism major will remain in PHC's Department of Government under the overall leadership of Dr. Robert Stacey.

For more information about Patrick Henry College and its new Journalism major, visit or call 1-877-546-1776.