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Questions about the new member rates?

Home School Legal Defense Association's membership department continues to receive questions about the membership rate increase, which will be effective October 1, 2004. We hope the following answers help to clear up any confusion you may have about how the price increases will affect you.

When will I need to pay the new rate?
If you are submitting your membership payment after October 1, 2004, you will need to pay at the new rate. We encourage you to renew early and take advantage of the current rate for at least one more year.

If I renew now, will I be charged an extra $10 or $15 in October?
No. All renewals submitted before October 1, 2004, will be billed at the current rate.

Why is the standard rate going up by 15%, while the group rate is going up by only 12%?
HSLDA's discount groups do a lot of legwork for us, communicating with us on a regular basis about events at the local level and actively promoting HSLDA to their members. In exchange, we offer a little incentive for our members to join one of these fine organizations.

My membership is not due until after October 1, 2004. If I renew now, will I need to pay a prorated fee for the months between October and my renewal date?
No fees will be prorated. To keep things simple for you and for us, renewals sent to us before October 1, 2004, will be at the current rate for the entire duration of the payment.

If I use a payment plan option, how will the price increase affect my payments?
Please refer to the table above to see how the monthly and quarterly rates will be affected by the price increases.

If you are currently not an auto-renewed member, your year will be finished out at the current rates, and your renewal notice will offer you an opportunity to renew at the new rates.

If you are part of a discount group and are an auto-renewed member, your rates will not be affected.

If you are an auto-renewed member but are not in a discount group, your rate will go up by $1/month. Therefore, for this year only, instead of automatically renewing your membership, we will send you a renewal notice offering you the opportunity to renew at the new rate or to use a different payment schedule. Please note that you must return the renewal notice to us indicating your authorization before we can renew your membership.

Will the fee for lifetime membership increase?
No. The cost for lifetime membership (membership which is good until your last homeschooled child has graduated) will still be $1000. Please visit for more information.

HSLDA membership rate increases

Effective October 1, 2004 PAY
Auto Renew Non-Auto Renew
1 Years 2 Years Monthly Quarterly Monthly Quarterly
Standard Rate $115 $230 $10 $30 $11 $33
Discount Group Rate $95 $190 $8 $24 $9 $27