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July / August 2004

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Tracking and evaluation bill defeated

Due to the intense lobbying efforts of Home School Legal Defense Association member families and the Alaska Private and Home Educators Association, a child tracking and evaluation bill has been defeated. House Bill 437, sponsored by Representative Mike Chenault, would have created a tracking system for all school-age children and would have implemented a program to evaluate their educational progress each year. School-age children would have included students enrolled in private schools and in alternative education programs (defined as "an educational program that is provided in the child's home"). Each child would have been assigned a 10-digit identification number, and information about the child's educational progress would have been reported to the legislature every year. This tracking system would have been administered by the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development in conjunction with the Department of Health and Social Services.

Representative Chenault removed this bill from further consideration in response to the outpouring of opposition from homeschoolers. Alaska enjoys the best homeschool law in the nation, but this bill demonstrates the need for home educators to steadfastly guard their freedoms.

— by Dewitt T. Black