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Collegiate debate and moot court are excellent ways to hone argumentation skills prior to law school. Here, PHC debate team members hold an intense practice session.

Considering law school? PHC can help

A law degree can be a springboard to a meaningful and exciting career. Well-trained, competent lawyers with a Christian worldview are in a unique position to serve God and impact our culture. Because admission to a good law school is an essential step in obtaining that training, Patrick Henry College has developed its curriculum to nurture the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the increasingly stiff competition of law school admissions.

How can PHC help prepare me for law school?
Law school admissions officers tend to consider certain factors essential to success in the field of law. Well-developed critical thinking skills, excellent writing ability, and superior oral communication skills are always at the top of the list. Patrick Henry’s core curriculum strongly emphasizes these skills with courses such as logic, rhetoric, research and writing, philosophy, and constitutional law. Every core course emphasizes one or more of these essential skills.

Does PHC offer the kinds of majors that law schools respect?
There is no single “correct” path to law school. PHC offers majors in government, history, literature, and classical liberal arts, any of which will catch the eye of law school admissions officers. The keys to selecting a major, most admissions specialists agree, are: select a rigorous program, learn how to craft and critique good arguments, and get lots of practice writing and speaking. All of PHC’s majors help you to accomplish these objectives.

What is PHC’s track record in getting its graduates into law school?
PHC has the best possible track record: 100% placement. Every PHC student who has applied to law school has gained admission to one or more. In fact, a large majority of those law school–bound students have been admitted to first-tier law schools, such as Georgetown University and the University of Virginia.

What extracurricular activities does PHC offer that can help me prepare for law school?
PHC boasts a national champion moot court team and national champion debate team.

If I go to law school, does that mean I have to practice law when I finish?
Not at all. Law school can be excellent preparation for a diverse array of careers. Many politicians and public servants begin with a law degree. Increasingly, leaders in business and industry are trained in the law. Many law schools now offer dual degree programs for earning a J.D. along with an M.B.A., M.A.-Public Policy, M.S.-Computer Science, and other combinations. Law school opens doors to many fields, not just to the practice of law.

My local state university has a pre-law major. Do I need to major in pre-law in order to get into law school?
No. In fact, some law schools frown on too much “law training” at the undergraduate level. Law school admissions officers are far more interested in whether you can write, think, and communicate effectively than in courses you studied with the word “law”in the title.

For more information about Patrick Henry College, visit or call 1-877-546-1776.