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Generation Joshua growing

Launched in February, HSLDA’s Generation Joshua program is growing rapidly and has participants from nearly every state. “We expect membership to reach 2,000 young people by this summer,” says Director Ned Ryun.

Generation Joshua gives young people a vision to become involved in civics and politics, then provides hands-on opportunities to make a difference.

The vision
The Civics Curriculum, including message boards and a chat room at, explains the vision. Online civics courses introduce young people to such men as the Reverend Dr. John Witherspoon and Dr. Benjamin Rush, both signers of the Declaration of Independence. Students examine their lives and key writings. Through these courses, the members of Generation Joshua see not only where we have come from, but also how far we have strayed from the original intent of the Founding Fathers.

Hands-on involvement
Generation Joshua’s hands-on opportunities consist of two parts. First, students help with non-partisan voter registration drives at churches, concerts, homeschool conferences, and book fairs. Second, this program encourages involvement in political campaigns.

One of Generation Joshua’s slogans says, “Helping tomorrow’s leaders elect today’s.” If we do not like the direction our country is headed, why do we think it will be any different in 15 or 20 years unless we begin training up the next generation of leaders now? We must fight today’s battles while building a strong foundation for the future.

To learn more about Generation Joshua, visit