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July / August 2004

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How long are you in for?

"How much longer are we in for?" That's a question I've jokingly asked my wife.

It's true that while we have many incentives to homeschool, there are times when we just want to get OUT! Homeschooling dramatically restructures our priorities. It focuses our attention on our homes and families, limits our time, and changes the choices available to us. All of these can be good things, but sometimes, stress and loneliness creep in. Sometimes we feel trapped.

But isn't that the perfect place and time for God to work in our hearts?

Think about some of the men in the Bible who spent time in prison: Joseph learned how to lead a nation, Paul penned letters to the churches, and Jonah's time in a maritime prison led to the saving of a generation. Then there was John Bunyan, who wrote Pilgrim's Progress, and Corrie Ten Boom, whose time in captivity brought forth a magnificent testimony of forgiveness. God does some of his most effective work in confined spaces.

As you contemplate your next school term, take a look around and see what you've gained by your choice: a solid foundation for your children, time to spend with your family, and opportunities for healing and growth. Don't give up! The sacrifices you make in this season of your life will have a lasting impact.

Chuck Hurst
Director of Membership

P.S. Hey, if it looks like you're in for "life," you might want to consider HSLDA's Lifetime Membership. For families who have more than 12 years of homeschooling ahead of them, it's a pretty good deal. For further information, go to http://www.hslda.org/join.

Membership rate adjustment

As we communicated earlier in a letter to you, the cost of membership will go up slightly on October 1, 2004: $15 for regular members and $10 for discount group members. Here are some creative ways to minimize the increase for your family:

>>Renew early at the current rates.
>>Renew for two years at the current rates.
>>Sign up for a Lifetime Membership ($1000).