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March / April 2004

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Help get the word out

Down through the ages the question has been asked, which is more powerful, the pen or the sword?

History shows us the answer . . . it's the pen. What people think determines what they do—even the direction in which they point their swords. Our perceptions and ideas drive our actions, and we form these ideas based on what we hear and read.

Because Home School Legal Defense Association understands the power of ideas, we want to make sure families can find materials that accurately portray the value of homeschooling. To families who are interested in homeschooling but think, "I could never do that!" we'd like to reply, "You can homeschool."

And where better than libraries to extend the influence of our "pen"? In fact, we've created a brochure entitled You can homeschool! and made it part of a brand new library kit to provide inquiring families with practical information on homeschooling.

More and more parents are entertaining thoughts of this once radical idea. Consequently, we are inviting families across America to help us spread the good news about homeschooling by adopting a library and supplying it with valuable homeschooling materials. Local public libraries, church libraries, and homeschool group libraries are all good venues for our message.

Would you like to sponsor the placement of a Homeschooling Library Kit? For a tax-deductible donation of $35 (which covers just a portion of the cost), we'll send you an attractive poster and display box with 150 You can homeschool! brochures, along with five homeschooling classics sure to encourage the faint of heart.

Through the Adopt a Library program, tax-deductible donations of $35 will provide one library with the resources shown above for those considering home education.

The kit will be your gift to the library. And when the brochures run out, HSLDA's phone number is on the box so your librarian can call and order more—for free. For the full details go to http://www.hslda.org/adoptalibrary

Our goal is to place a thousand kits in libraries all across America in one year. This is an easy project for several families to collaborate on. With your help, we can change minds and encourage parents to do what they are longing to do . . . homeschool their own children!