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With the help of others

Though not representing any organization, Carolee Adams, long-time education advocate, president of Eagle Forum of New Jersey, and a participant in the 2000 negotiations, attended the January 10, 2004, meeting even though she was fighting off the flu. She was tremendously helpful to the proceedings. But then, she is accustomed to helping. Carolee is the legendary homeschool mom who took time to read the voluminous H.R. 6 (the reauthorization of the U.S. Elementary and Secondary Education Act) of 1994. She noticed a provision that would have required all teachers—including homeschoolers—to be state-certified. Carolee alerted HSLDA, and homeschoolers launched one of the biggest telephone campaigns in the history of our nation—demonstrating to legislators and homeschoolers alike the grassroots power of a united homeschooling movement.