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January / February 2004

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Improving homeschool regulations

In the last few months, another opportunity has arisen for homeschoolers to significantly improve Nevada's homeschool regulations. Nevada Home School Network Parent-at-Large Frank Schnorbus and Northern Nevada Homeschool Advisory Council representative Barbara Dragon, working with Home School Legal Defense Association Senior Counsel Christopher Klicka, have drafted language that HSLDA believes will provide regulatory relief to homeschooling families throughout the state.

It is hoped that the Nevada State Board of Education will adopt these changes early next year. Some of the changes include removing the requirement that homeschoolers provide an education plan to the local school board. Instead, the parent will only need to supply a list of subjects and the corresponding teaching materials to the local board. Parents will no longer be initially required to work in consultation with an experienced educator. Nor will they be required to submit a birth certificate to the school district; keeping one on file in the family's home will be sufficient.

Several other changes will help improve homeschooling freedom and better protect parents' right to direct their children's education. We salute the tireless efforts of Nevada homeschool leaders in working toward achieving these changes.

— Christopher J. Klicka