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January / February 2004

Can Judicial Tyranny Be Stopped?

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The difference made by "little things"

Impact of the Widows Curriculum Scholarship Fund

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Prayer & Praise


Pray that our nation's courts would uphold our laws with fidelity and justice. Ask God to guide President George W. Bush and Congress to nominate and confirm judicial appointees who will defend, not amend, the Constitution (Cover story).

Ask the Lord to protect the homeschooling movement from media attempts to discredit its reputation and from legislative attempts to regulate its existence. (Freedom Watch)

Pray for discernment and success for our litigation team as they defend HSLDA member families in active and pending cases (Active Cases).

Thank God for protecting homeschooling parents and children across the country through resolution of unfounded social services investigations, defeat of dangerous state legislation, and clearing up of school officials' legal confusion. (Across the States)

Lift up the Home School Foundation's Widows Curriculum Scholarship Fund, a ministry to widowed mothers who want to continue educating their children at home (From The Heart).

Seek God's blessing on Patrick Henry College's Office of Development in its ongoing efforts to establish a strong financial aid program. Uphold students and faculty as they prepare for midterm exams. (About Campus)

Intercede for families just beginning to homeschool midyear, and for the veteran homeschoolers and support groups coming alongside to advise and encourage them.

Uphold home educators who are facing crises: terminal illness, loss of a spouse, unemployment, financial hardship, or a home destroyed by a natural disaster.

Hear my prayer, O God; listen to the words of my mouth.

— Psalm 54:2 (NIV)