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HSLDA Ends 1984–85 School Year with Successes

Texas Cases

Kansas Case

Ohio Case

About 100 Contacts Resolved During 1984–85 School Year

Comments from HSLDA Members

HSLDA Grows Rapidly Over Past Year

Chris Klicka Joins HSLDA Staff

HSLDA Board of Directors


President’s Corner

C O V E R   S T O R Y

HSLDA Board of Directors

Michael Farris—President and Founder of HSLDA. Michael is an attorney who has been involved in many First Amendment and religious liberty cases. He is also the General Legal Counsel for Concerned Women for America. Michael is originally from the state of Washington. Michael, 34, is married and has four daughters, who are being homeschooled. They presently live in northern Virginia.

J. Michael Smith—Michael works as an attorney in Santa Monica, California, who specializes in personal injury litigation and criminal defense work. Michael is a native of Arkansas. He attended law school at the University of Arkansas and the University of San Diego. Michael, 41, is married and is homeschooling his children.

Jim Carden—Jim owns a commercial real estate sales business in the Ft. Worth area of Texas. He is a graduate of Baylor University and a native of Texas. Jim, 37, is married and has two children (with one on the way). The Cardens are homeschooling their children.