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HSLDA Ends 198485 School Year with Successes

Texas Cases

Kansas Case

Ohio Case

About 100 Contacts Resolved During 198485 School Year

Comments from HSLDA Members

HSLDA Grows Rapidly Over Past Year

Chris Klicka Joins HSLDA Staff

HSLDA Board of Directors


President’s Corner

C O V E R   S T O R Y

Comments from HSLDA Members

“We appreciated all the advice and support from HSLDA when we faced the local school board last December. We praise God for going before us preparing the hearts of the board members. They were so interested and receptive [the school board voted unanimously not to interfere in the homeschool]. We continue to inform our school officials about the many positive benefits of home schooling. Also, we are praying for them. Thank you again. A special thanks to Jordan Lorence.”

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Kerr, Lakeview, Oregon

“Thank you for your reassurance recently when I called with a concern regarding the issue of how much time our certified teacher needs to be here and whether we should be registered with some ‘official’ school. We are thoroughly enjoying our home school and look forward to the coming year with anticipation of even more exciting learning experiences and growth.”

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Zuiderveen, Kalamazoo, Michigan

“Once again, we are grateful to you for providing invaluable legal services and encouragement to American families committed to taking full responsibility for rearing and educating their children. Congratulations on adding another partner to your team. Our prayers for you will continue.”

- Mr. & Mrs. Charles Schwarz, Albany, New York