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President’s Corner

President’s Corner

President’s Corner

Michael Farris recently wrote an opinion piece on the controversy in Arkansas over the homeschool law. The legislature passed a new law last spring, but it was criticized as being too easy on homeschoolers. In July, the governor signed a law passed by the special session of the legislature making it more difficult to homeschool. Michael Farris wrote an article, published in the Arkansas Gazette, urging that the law not be changed. Here are some excerpts from the article:

“A good home schooling law should meet three criteria (1) a concern for the educational needs of children; (2) consideration for the constitutional freedoms of families, and (3) be practical and enforceable…”

“Any education law that does not have the goal of learning by children as its principle objective should not be enacted. Why do we have compulsory attendance laws? To fill schools? To give teachers jobs? No, we want to give children the opportunity to learn…”

Michael P. Farris