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Texas Class Action Suit Proceeds

CHEA Honors HSLDA Board Member Michael Smith

HSLDA Membership Statistics - June 21, 1985

President’s Corner
C O V E R   S T O R Y

President’ Corner

The Supreme Court’s ruling against silent prayer in public schools, although constitutionally wrong, may aid the home school movement. Few people will understand how the constitution is threatened by a roomful of school children standing silently by their desks. The Court’s decision seems ridiculous when one considers that the Court itself opens its sessions by invoking God’ help, and across the street, both houses of Congress open with prayer led by a government-employed chaplain. These practices date back to the earliest days of the American Republic. The silent prayer decision may demonstrate to more parents that public schools will not promote religious values, even silently. This may spur parents to look to educational alternatives, such as private schools and home schools. Let us hope that this decision will cause a reaction nationwide that will lead to true educational reform, and also, strengthen the home school movement.