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Texas Class Action Suit Filed

Katy, Texas Families, Lose in Court

Washington Class Action Suit May be Coming to End

Dr. Raymond Endorses HSLDA

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Washington Classs Action Suit May be Coming to an End

HSLDA is examining the possibility of ending its class action suit in Washington if a proposed law passes the state legislature.

The House and Senate of the Washington Legislature appeared in mid-April to be on the verge of sending a bill to the governor that would essentially grant most of the goals set by the Caproni v. Brouillet case filed approximately two years ago.

Michael Farris, chairman of the board for HSLDA, filed the suit on behalf of 6 home school families , asking for a declaration that homeschooling was legal under current Washington law, or that compulsory attendance law was unconstitutional as applied to home schoolers there.

Farris and the families filed the lawsuit because the Legislature had not passes any favorable home school legislation. This has obviously changed, Farris said. He will examine the law, if signed by the governor, and discuss with the plaintiffs whether to proceed with the lawsuit, or to end it. Farris said that he believes the lawsuit helped spur the legislators to action on a home school bill.