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Texas Class Action Suit Filed

Katy, Texas Families, Lose in Court

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Katy, Texas Families Lose in Court

Four of the five families in Katy, Texas, lost in court in late February, but the class action suit filed in Ft. Worth should stop any future action in their case.

On February 18, three of the five Katy, Texas families were found guilty in violation of the Texas compulsory attendance law. The trials took place in the justice of the peace court located in the Houston area. They were given minor fines, and their cases were appealed. A few days later, the fourth family, Jack and Dorothy Clayton, were found guilty. The trial for the fifth family, Ginger and Don Haluzan, was postponed because Mrs. Haluzn was pregnant, and due on the day of the trial.

Jordan Lorence, director of the HSLDA, said the Katy cases illustrate the need for the class action suit in Ft. Worth. He explained that Mrs. Clayton has a valid Texas teaching certificate. “The Katy School oficials admit that Mrs. Clayton is qualified to teach in their public schools, but she cannot teach her own children at home,” Lorence said. “The Texas law is vague, but this is ridiculous.”

Lorence added that another family from Alief, Texas, a nearby town, has been has been prosecuted, although the mother has a valid Texas teaching certificate.

If the Ft. Worth court issues a preliminary injunction, no appeals will be heard in the Katy cases until the Ft. Worth class action suit is resolved, Lorence said. “We’ve had so much trouble in the Houston area. We need the Ft. Worth suit to shut down the courts and stop the hemorrhage of prosecutions down there.” Lorence said.

If for some reason the Ft. Worth injunction does not stop the Katy prosecutions. HSLDA will appeal the Katy families’ convictions, Lorence said.