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Kansas Family Wins Court Suit

Katy, Texas Officials Prosecute 5 Families

Oregon Families Win Without Court Fight

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President’s Page

As a home schooling father of four daughters I am more and more excited about home schooling as we gain experience in our own family. I am also excited about the number of families who are interested in home schooling. It seems like a majority of famlies in my own church who now have pre-schoolers and who have heard my wife and I speak on home schooling are seriously considering home schooling.

As a constitutional lawyer and a registered lobbyist in Washington, D.C., I see exciting times ahead for home schooling on the legal and political fronts as well. But it is excitement of a different sort.

The National Education Association, the most powerful (and most oppressive) union in America, is deadset against home schooling. They are attempting to muster their forces in an all-out political assault on home schooling by the passage of repressive laws in those few states where the laws are not already bad.

Public Education officials in many states are still trying to stop homeschooling under the guise of “quality” where the concern of most is simply money or control over children’s minds.

Home schoolers have to have a long range view of this battle. We weill win eventually in court and in the public mind. Be we must be responsible and we must stick together.

HSLDA is increasingly speaking out for all home schoolers in the national press and in political and legal arena. To increase our clout, we need more and more home schoolers to join with us.