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Unnecessary portfolio review forms
Several counties have asked families who operate under the portfolio review option to fill out a form, often called a "Home Schooling Profile," before submitting their portfolio. These forms ask for information to which the school system is not entitled. For example, a form recently mailed to Frederick County home schoolers asks for the birth date of the student and the basic home instruction schedule. Allegany County's form asks whether the family networks with other families, whether the student's work is evaluated by anyone else, and for the parent to describe the student's "designated study area."

Homeschoolers are not required to fill out any such form before submitting a portfolio. Home School Legal Defense Association recommends that our Maryland members not comply with this request. The forms usually hint that your portfolio review will go faster if you fill out the form, but it is difficult to understand how gathering information that is neither required nor relevant to the portfolio review would make anything go faster. However, if a member desires to fill out the form, we recommend that the parent put "N/A" in the blanks calling for information not required by regulations.

Furthermore, the school systems do not seem to consider how much time it takes busy homeschooling parents to fill out such unnecessary forms.

- Scott A. Woodruff