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November / December 2003

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District apologizes after exceeding law

In July, Home School Legal Defense Association member families in the Cheraw Consolidated School District received a letter from the district asking for information on a form not required by state law. The letter indicated that the Colorado Department of Education is requiring school districts to report new information regarding homeschool students.

HSLDA Senior Counsel Christopher Klicka quickly sent a letter to the school district stating that Colorado Revised Statute 22-33-104.5 simply requires a nonpublic home-based educational program to give 14 days notice before starting homeschooling, and to include on its notice the names, ages, residence, and hours of attendance that the children are taught. Homeschools are not required to use a local school district's forms. Cheraw, however, demanded the children's Social Security numbers, place of birth, gender, home phone, grade, and race, as well as the parents' date and place of birth, employer, employer's address, and work phone.

Klicka also informed the school district that repeated requests for unnecessary information are illegal and that it should immediately discontinue the practice. HSLDA member families who are harassed in this manner should contact our office for assistance. To the school district's credit, the district's attorney wrote HSLDA an apology letter explaining that the illegal form was based on information that the school collects from its own public school students and admitting that this information need not be supplied by homeschool families. The attorney wrote,

This letter confirms to you that the District has discontinued sending the letters which you wrote about, and I am also authorized to send the District's sincere apologies for this unintentional problem which has now been resolved.

District tries to enforce obsolete law

After working to protect homeschoolers from over-zealous school districts since 1983, we thought we had seen everything! Believe it or not, the Eaton School District recently sent notification forms to homeschoolers based on a law repealed 15 years ago!

The forms require parents to submit an instructional plan for each child, annual evaluations by a certified teacher, a list of instructional materials to be used, a calendar indicating a minimum of 688 school hours, or a brief outline of educational objectives. None of this information has been required since the rewriting of the homeschool law in 1988. Since that time, families need only submit the name, age, place of residence, and number of hours of attendance for each child.

HSLDA Senior Counsel Christopher Klicka, on behalf of our local member families, informed the district that its request for information was based on an outdated law and was therefore illegal. He requested that the district revise its information packet immediately so as not to mislead any new homeschoolers.

— Christopher J. Klicka