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November / December 2003

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"You know that we don't hit people in this house! What do you say to your brother?"

Barely audible mumble.

"What was that?"

"I'm thorry."

Does this scene sound familiar? It does to most of us with more than one child! Frankly, there may be no better training ground for learning to make peace than the homeschooling family.

Living elbow-to-elbow, day in and day out with their siblings, homeschooled children have a unique opportunity to learn to genuinely love others. Homeschoolers often find their lesson plans for the day altered by an altercation, and it helps to know there is a way to turn frustrating clashes into redemptive opportunities to learn to live peaceably.

Young Peacemakers, produced by Peacemaker Ministries, is a new resource targeted specifically for children. Its main objective is to train children to resolve conflict correctly, without constant adult intervention. In 12 lessons, children can learn what to do when they are wrong, what forgiveness entails, how to make wise appeals, and more.

While not every case example is applicable to homeschoolers, the underlying material has universal application. For more information on this resource, contact Peacemaker Ministries at 800-711-7118 or visit

Scripture promises that "peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness" (James 3:18, NIV). As we celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace this December, may you find creative ways to cultivate an atmosphere of peace in your home.